Upcoming Meetings/Agenda

( All materials from the July 9, 2014 meeting have been moved here )


October 8, 2014
Regular Meeting
10:00 a.m.
Dalchau Service Center, Rooms A504/A505
3505 Montopolis Drive
Austin, TX 78744
Agenda and Meeting Materials:

Regular Meeting:
1. Call to Order – Chairman John Burke
2. Welcome and Introductions – John Burke
3. Attendance Report – (5 minutes) Teresa Lutes
4. Consent Agenda (5 minutes):
a. Approval of Minutes from the July 9, 2014 meeting – Teresa Lutes
b. Financial / Budget Report – David Wheelock
5. Texas Water Development Board Communications – (15 minutes) David Meesey / TWDB
6. Highland Lakes Drought Update – (10 minutes) LCRA / David Wheelock
7. LCRA Water Management Plan Revision Update – (10 minutes) LCRA/David Wheelock
8. GBRA Presentation on ocean desalination project – (15 minutes) Jim Murphy / GBRA
9. Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board: Water Supply Enhancement Program legislative
changes and brush control program update presentation – (20 minutes) Aaron Wendt / TSSWCB
10.Presentation by Water Smart Software: conservation software – (15 minutes)
11.Presentation on City of Wharton water issues and planning – (15 minutes) Wes Birdwell
12.Discuss and Take Action on replacement of Voting Member with the Alternate Member for the
following two members at the request of the two following members:
a. Replace voting member with alternate member for the Municipalities Interest Group
currently filled by member Brandon Wade with alternate Lauri Gillam.
b. Replace voting member with alternate member for the Electric Generation Utilities
Interest Group currently filled by member Joe King with alternate John Hoffman.
13.Committee Updates / Reports. Take action as necessary.
a. Prioritization Committee
b. Legislative and Policy Committee
c. Water Modeling Committee
d. Drought Committee
14.Consultant Status Report – (30 minutes) AECOM
a. Summary of Major Items at July Region K meeting
b. Work Progress since last meeting
c. Schedule and Upcoming Work/Deliverables
15.Region K Technical Memorandum, approved for submittal to TWDB at July 9, 2014 Region K meeting. Take action to ratify the Technical Memorandum, which was submitted to TWDB on August 1, 2014. (Documentation provided as part of meeting materials packet.)
16.Agenda items for next meeting – (5 minutes)
a. Location of next meeting
17.New / Other Business (time permitting)
18.Public Comments – limit 3 minutes per person
FINAL APPROVED July 9 2014 Region K Minutes
Region_K_Technical_Memorandum_Submittal (3) RegionK_September_2014_Progress_Memo
2014 10 08 AECOM_Region_K_presentation 2014 10 08 IWPP Region K Presentation 2014 10 08 TSSWCB_Brush_Control_ppt 2014 10 08 WaterSmart Overview for TWDB Region K 2014 10 08 Wharton Water Project Communication Plan 20141008_Funds Collected from Region K Meting