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February 182015

Regular Meeting

10:00 a.m.
 Dalchau Service Center
3505 Montopolis DriveAustin, TX 78744

Agenda to follow:

Regular Meeting:

1. Call to Order – Chairman John Burke
2. Welcome and Introductions – John Burke
3. Attendance Report – (5 minutes) – Teresa Lutes
4. Consent Agenda (5 minutes):
a. Approval of Minutes from the January 14, 2015 meeting – Teresa Lutes
b. Financial/Budget Report – David Wheelock
5. Environmental Flows 101 presentation – Joe Trungale
6. Texas Water Development Board Communications – (15 minutes) David Meesey/TWDB
7. Highland Lakes Drought Update – (5 minutes) LCRA / David Wheelock
8. LCRA Water Management Plan Update – (5 minutes) LCRA/David Wheelock
9. Discuss and take action as necessary to request in writing that TWDB provide a socio-economic
analysis for Region K as required for the regional planning process.
10.Discuss and take action authorizing the Region K political subdivision to hold a public input
meeting on the Initially Prepared Plan.
11.Committee Updates/Reports. Take action as necessary.
a. Legislative and Policy Committee
b. Water Modeling Committee
c. Water Management Strategies Committee
d. Drought Committee
12.Consultant Status Report. – (30 minutes) – AECOM
a. Summary of Major Items at January Region K meeting
b. Chapter Update and Status
c. Strategy Update and Status
d. Schedule and Upcoming Work/Deliverables
13.Agenda items for next meeting (5 minutes)
a. Location of next meeting
14.New / Other Business (time permitting)
15.Public Comments – limit 3 minutes per person