Public Announcements

Immediately following the Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Group regular meeting on January 9, 2013 there will be a “Regional Water Planning 101” session for anyone interested in learning more about the regional water planning process, in general, including the major steps in the regional water planning process and other related topics. 

Barton Springs Edward Aquifer Conservation District’s Adoption of a New Management Plan

BSEACD Adoption of New Management Plan

A copy of the plan and appendices can be found here:

Request for Clarification by TWDB on Including Additional Water Use Categories in the Regional Water Plans by the Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Group (Region K)

9-26-12 Region K Letter to TWDB - Sent September 27, 2012

Response from TWDB: CTWC mail log letter to J Burke 10-12

Brazos River Authority: Update to Drought Contingency Plan – Comments on Draft Plan due September 10, 2012

Brazos River Authority Letter - Received August 2, 2012