Region K has eight planning committees.

Bylaws Committee – Barbara Johnson, chair

The Bylaws Committee updates Region K bylaws, which specify the size and function of the board; responsibilities of officers and members; rules and procedures for holding meetings and electing officers; meetings, decision-making and record-keeping protocol; and establishment of committees.

Executive Committee – John Burke, chair

The Executive Committee oversees and coordinates the activities of the planning group, which includes creating meeting agendas, recommending committee chairs and reviewing recommendations from the nominating committee.

Legislation and Policy Committee – Barbara Johnson, chair

The Legislation and Policy Committee evaluates the need for new or improved regulations related to water planning and management issues, and submits recommendations for policy and legislative changes to the Region K planning group to include in the Region K plan.

Nominating Committee – Barbara Johnson, chair

The Nominating Committee makes recommendations for officers to the Region K planning group.

Population and Water Demand Committee –  Lauri Gillam, chair

The Population and Water Demand Committee reviews population and water demand projections prepared by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), evaluates the need to request adjustments from TWDB, and submits recommendations to the Region K planning group.

Water Modeling Committee – Teresa Lutes, chair

The Water Modeling Committee examines matters related to surface water availability modeling (WAM) and groundwater availability modeling (GAM) for regional water planning.  The committee reviews modeling assumptions and results, and makes recommendations to the Region K planning group.

Water Management Strategies Committee – vacant, chair

The Water Management Strategies Committee reviews the Region K consultant’s scope of work, evaluates policies, and makes recommendations involving water management strategies to the Region K planning group consistent with criteria established by TWDB guidelines.