What is Region K?

What is the Region K Water Planning Group?

The Lower Colorado River Water Planning Group (LCRWPG) is one of 16 regional water planning groups established by the Texas Water Development Board to help develop and revise a comprehensive water plan for Texas through 2060.  The LCRWPG is made up of different members representing various interest groups, who are responsible for developing and refining the long-range water plan for the Central Texas region.  The LCRWPG has completed three five-year planning cycles and is now completing the fourth round of Regional Water Planning (2011-2016). The objective of the planning group is to develop and refine a balanced, long-range plan, which will be included in the State Water Plan that will meet the region’s water needs over the next 50 years.

Where is Region K?

The Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Area is composed of all or parts of 14 counties, stretching from Mills County in the Hill Country southeast to the Gulf Coast. Counties include San Saba, Burnet, Llano, Mills, Blanco, Gillespie, Hays (partial), Williamson (partial), Travis, Bastrop, Fayette, Wharton (partial), Colorado, and Matagorda. Most of the region lies in the Colorado River Basin. Cities in the region include Austin, Bay City, Pflugerville, and Fredericksburg.