Executive Committee:

John Burke (Chair), Jim Barho (Vice Chair), Teresa Lutes (Secretary), Byron Theodosis (at large), Jim Brasher (at large), Ronald Gertson (at large)


        Water Modeling Committee (GAM/WAM)

Teresa Lutes (Chair), John Burke, David Bradsby, John Hoffman, Ronald                 Fieseler, Ronald Gertson, Barbara Johnson, Haskell Simon, Paul Tybor,                   Jennifer Walker, David Wheelock, David Meesey, Donna Klaeger


        Population And Water Demand Committee

Ronald Gertson (Chair), Jim Barho, John Burke, Jennifer Walker, Barbara               Johnson, Teresa Lutes, David Van Dresar, James Sultemeier, David Meesey


        Water Management Strategies Committee

Jim Barho (Chair), Barbara Johnson, David Bradsby, David Meesey, David              Van Dresar, Doug Powell, Jennifer Walker, John Burke, Karen Haschke,                     Ronald Gertson, Teresa Lutes, David Wheelock, John Dupnik, Donna Klaeger


        Nominating Committee

Barbara Johnson (Chair), Bill Neve, James Sultemeier, Karen Haschke


        Public Information and Participation Committee

Karen Haschke (Chair), David Meesey, Haskell Simon, Jennifer Walker, Teresa Lutes


        By-Laws Committee

Barbara Johnson (Chair), Paul Tybor, Robert Ruggerio, Teresa Lutes


       Drought Committee – Created July 9, 2014

David Wheelock (Chair), Barbara Johnson, David Bradsby, Doug Powell,                   David Meesey, Haskell Simon, Jennifer Walker, Jim Barho,  John Burke, Karen Haschke, Lauri Gillam, Teresa Lutes, Donna Klaeger


Legislative/Policy Committee:

Barbara Johnson (Chair), John Burke, David Meesey, David Wheelock, Jim   Brasher, John Dupnik, Teresa Lutes, Ronald Gertson, Donna Klaeger

        Prioritization Committee:

Jennifer Walker (Chair), John Burke, Teresa Lutes, Barbara Johnson, David            Van Dresar, John Dupnik,   David Wheelock, Robert Ruggiero, Karen Haschke, Jim Barho, Haskell Simon, David Meesey, and David Bradsby


Note that the following Committees may be added during the planning cycle:

Environmental Flows Committee, Conservation Committee

The following comittees are on hold:

Environmental Flows Committee, Scoping Committee

The following comittees are retired:

SH130/45 & Northern Hays Committee, Unique Stream Segments Committee, Groundwater Management Plan Review Committee